The Source Newsagent

A leading retailer of lifestyle essentials

The Source Code-of-Ethics:

• Recognise and affirm the right of the customer to courteous, prompt and honest service.

• Maintain high standards and fair practice in all business transactions.

• Accord customers of all cultural origins equal respect and consideration.

• Ensure that all promotional material/advertising is accurate and truthful, and keep customer information private.

• Maintain procedures for the prompt handling of complaints, ensuring that all inquiries and refunds are dealt with properly and reasonably.

• Uphold and observe all laws and regulations pertaining to our business.

• Meet all responsibilities to employees by observing all laws.

Environmental Practice:

  • We recycle as many unsold newspapers and magazines as possible in our store.
  • We have a program to halve our plastic bag usage (year-on-year) in our store.

  • We use biodegradable plastic bags and offer reuseable bags as an option.

  • Our dry cleaning service includes various recycling options.

  • We don't sell products that are overly packaged as this causes land-fill.